My Musing Space: September 2006

My Musing Space

Friday, September 15, 2006

People in coma may be aware of their surroundings

Real life imitating art???

An interesting news item was presented today on CNN. In Britain a woman, seemingly in a vegetative state, reacts to people talking to her by imagining things on demand, which then can be observed on the MRI machine. Last year, in a successful Canadian TV series, ReGenesis, a British scientist devised a way to communicate with a young man in a similar vegetative state. Coincidence? Maybe yes, maybe not...

The woman had the accident 11 month ago. The discovery of her being aware of her surroundings was made 5 months after the accident, which puts it at six month ago. Could the film makers have heard about this discovery? Who knows! I suppose we could only find out if we spoke to the writer of Regenesis.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

BlogDay 2006

I discovered today that I just narrowly missed BlogDay. It was supposed to be a big celebratory day for bloggers when they went on searches to discover other bloggers at, to them, faraway geographical points whom they find interesting, worth recommending to others. Well, I decided to ignore the fact that the official date of August 31 is gone, and I went ahead with my thorough search of the blogging world. I am pleased to present you with the results of it, to be exact (according to the rules) the five best of the pickings.

1. Korea&KoreansA wonderful blog about Korea and Koreans by a Korean... :)

2. Little Town in HungaryThe daily life of a small town chronicled by a young lady (originally from Malaysia?). Charming stuff, lots of photos.

3. Examples of Paradox: Blog maintained by a young Singapore working mother where she lists all the paradoxical things she encounters in her daily life. She is at #49 as of now...

4. Partha Bijjam, a blog by handsome young Partha Bijjam. :) Lots of different topics touched upon, from the science of creation, to daily deals on the internet. Worth visiting!

5. Zoom Vienna. A wonderful photoblog with photos posted daily of life in Vienna and the surrounding Austrian landscape.