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Monday, December 22, 2008

Numb chin syndrome update #7

Ohm'gosh! I just realized how long ago I posted my previous update, or any other blog entry on any of my pages for that matter. Well, busy life...!

I have good news, though. There is no more "numb chin" any more to speak of. On the outside all numbness, sparky feelings, etc. are gone. The only thing left now is the odd semi-numb yet oversensitive feeling in the gum persisting around the bottom left front area when I brush my teeth. But that is something not too hard to live with.

So, as far as I hope, this is my last update on my chin problem. For those of you who are looking for reassurance that what just happened to you will have a happy ending, I can hold out that ray of hope. Your lives will get back to normal, although most probably it will take a few months. In my searches I found that most of the time the numbness eventually disappears completely, sometimes quickly, sometimes a bit slower. There are of course cases when there is some small residual sensitivity that stays on, and I also spoke with one person whose numb chin became a permanent feature. To her credit, she cheerfully reassured me that "I got used to it..." So there!

One last thing I should add, it doesn't hurt to help along the healing with a nutritious diet and some extra vitamins (see my earlier posts).


Blogger justweenus said...

Three weeks ago I had a wisdom tooth extracted. I returned to my dentist three times, complaining of ongoing pain and tongue numbness. She assured me that everything looked good; I didn't have a dry socket. When the pain moved into my ear, I called again and was advised to see my M.D. A jagged edge of bone was protruding through my gum and the area around it was inflamed. I returned to my dentist, who said it would be best to let it heal on its own, although she could numb me and stitch the gum tissue around the bone. I decided against that and want no part of novocaine injections now! The gum tissue should grow over the bone -- sooner rather than later, I hope. OK, I can deal with that. But now the numbness has worn off my tongue, and I'm left with a VERY sore tongue. It hurts terribly to eat or to do anything that moves my tongue from the left side of my mouth to the right side. If this is permanent, I'm going to be miserable. I can handle anything if I know it's temporary, but I haven't found any definitive answers. Strange, too, that when the dentist numbed me for the extraction, it felt very different than ever before. It felt as if I were being shocked - a crawling electrical-type sensation that went downward through my lower jaw and into my chin area. I did not, however, have any long-term chin numbness. I think there has definitely been nerve damage done, but I'm not really sure of what sort of doctor I should see, or if I should even bother. Thanks for the info. you have shared about your problem. I hope my outcome is as good as yours! It does make you think twice about getting novocaine injections, though, doesn't it?

5:25 PM  
Blogger Kev said...

I suffered an injury to my Lingual Nerve 5 months ago. Just wondering how your IAN is one year from this post?

12:47 PM  

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