My Musing Space: August 2008

My Musing Space

Friday, August 29, 2008

Numb chin syndrome update #6

Everything was not all well, after all. After a posted my update nr. 5, I had a pretty bad relapse. Not of numb chin, to be sure, but of paresthesia, the funny sensation of tiny electric sparks whenever I ran a finger across my chin under my lip.

The area is not larger than a quarter, but it is right across from the bottom left first molar, which happened to have a root canal work done on it just four days before the extraction. When my numb chin problem appeared to be mostly gone, without actually realizing it I started to chew happily on that side. Well, the treated molar wasn't happy. I developed a dull pressure pain, on top of the symptoms described in update 5. We took X-rays at the dentist but nothing out of the ordinary showed. It is obvious that the root canal work and the extraction were just too much for the nerve to deal with, and when I resumed vigorous chewing, it protested indignantly.

Also, by that time I ran out of benfotiamine. So I reordered it and soon I restarted the treatment: benfotiamine(150mg) + B6(250mg). To this day now I take them 3 times per day, and I do not chew on my left side for the time being, at least not heavily. Indstead of the methylcobalamine I just take regular B12, actually a B complex tablet once a day. There has been gradual improvement, although another two months passed now since the relapse. The progress is slow. The electric sparks are gone, I have just a slight "grainy" sensation when I run my finger over the area. There is more pronounced discomfort when I brush my teeth, but I can sort of take it by now.

In any case, I will let you know of any future development, hopefully, VERY hopefully of positive news...