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Sunday, September 03, 2006

BlogDay 2006

I discovered today that I just narrowly missed BlogDay. It was supposed to be a big celebratory day for bloggers when they went on searches to discover other bloggers at, to them, faraway geographical points whom they find interesting, worth recommending to others. Well, I decided to ignore the fact that the official date of August 31 is gone, and I went ahead with my thorough search of the blogging world. I am pleased to present you with the results of it, to be exact (according to the rules) the five best of the pickings.

1. Korea&KoreansA wonderful blog about Korea and Koreans by a Korean... :)

2. Little Town in HungaryThe daily life of a small town chronicled by a young lady (originally from Malaysia?). Charming stuff, lots of photos.

3. Examples of Paradox: Blog maintained by a young Singapore working mother where she lists all the paradoxical things she encounters in her daily life. She is at #49 as of now...

4. Partha Bijjam, a blog by handsome young Partha Bijjam. :) Lots of different topics touched upon, from the science of creation, to daily deals on the internet. Worth visiting!

5. Zoom Vienna. A wonderful photoblog with photos posted daily of life in Vienna and the surrounding Austrian landscape.


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