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Thursday, November 03, 2011

No roses for me

I am often bemused when I hear about women getting upset for their husband not gifting them for their wedding anniversaries. When it comes to gifts, men are known to have a hard time finding appropriate stuff. So, even when they do remember the date of their wedding anniversary, most of the time they just grab some red roses.

But what are those roses good for? You can show them off to relatives and friends, provided they happen by. Otherwise they wither and die in a few days and there goes your beloved's hard earned money. Seriously, ladies, wouldn't you rather gift yourself quietly with something more enjoyable, chosen by you, fitting your "needs of the moment"?

Of course, that's just me. The fact of the matter is that men keep on buying roses and women keep on sniffing them, like they were the things they desired the most.

Darling husband of mine, thank you for not buying me roses. I prefer a big hug and kiss, and a warm "thank you for all the years you stood by me...".


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