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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

AIR CAR - the ideal green alternative.

In spite of all the hoopla over electric cars, my fascination with air cars is still alive and well. I am absolutely decided to own one day (read: as soon as possible...) one of those little beauties. My big grievance, though, is that MDI does not have any agreement yet in place for a Canadian presence. They did sign agreements with Tata of India, IT MDI-Energy of Australia and New Zealand, ZPM of USA, Motordeaire of Spain and Catecar of Switzerland. I suppose I will have to get one from ZPM then. If you are curious, you can have a look at MDI's news page, or another five pages of photos at DoubleVue.

The cars use compressed air which is held by long cigar shaped cylinders, shaped in such a way that in case of an accident they burst like those Pillsbury cardboard tubes, unraveling in spirals. The cylinders they use can be refilled by regular air compressors. I heard objections that these compressors run on electricity, which is created by electric companies that are regarded as big polluters. Of course, electric cars have the same issues with the source of their electricity. But if you think it over, the world is going in the direction of domestically produced electricity, our own household solar panels and wind turbines. Long distance trips should not be a big problem, either, since our own small air compressors can be carried along and used with any electric outlet on the way.


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