My Musing Space: Numb chin syndrome update #3

Friday, May 23, 2008

Numb chin syndrome update #3

Well, that's about it! The whole thing is more or less gone. I still have a slightly numb short line running from that previous sore spot up to the edge of my lip, but the crackling sensation I felt whenever I ran my finger over the area is completely gone. Under normal conditions I hardly feel anything, only when I twist my mouth in an unnatural way do I still feel that "there is something there". Instead, I feel an occasional sharp jab a few times a day which I learned to associate with the healing process.

Looking back, I think my case was unusually short. At least that is what both the surgeon and my dentist say. Of course that makes me very happy and pleased, after all it was quite scary to contemplate the possibility of permanent damage. I cannot be sure if the extra vitamins had anything to do with the speed of recovery, but I am sure it did not hurt. So I highly recommend to everybody who chances here while going through similar hell to step up their vitamin intake and make sure they eat extra nutritious foods while convalescing.


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