My Musing Space: Numb chin syndrome update #2

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Numb chin syndrome update #2

I am happy to report that things got much better in the last week or so. The small lump in the middle of the chin is gone, instead I have a very sore small spot the size of a dime a bit lower, one finger width to the left from the center, one finger width above the jawline. There is also a (finger width) semi frozen strip all the way up to the lip, but the lip itself is fine now. So I am very hopeful that there is not much now until I can report to be completely rid of the affliction.

In spite of the end being in sight figuratively speaking, I did not stop my extra vitamin intake, particularly the Benfotiamine and Vit D combination. With the others I am more laissez faire, I pick and choose daily. I also recommend to my fellow sufferers to make sure they get a full nights' sleep and follow a diet full of fruits and veggies. One can't go wrong doing that.


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